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  Assessment Strategies and Tools


Our assessment tools help measure your child's strengths and weaknesses and assist us in designing and suggesting a program to improve his or her learning, thinking and general academic skills.

Our unique assessment covers the following areas as guided by the Ontario curriculum:

•  Gross motor skills
•  Fine motor skills
•  Self-help skills
•  Speech and language skills
•  General knowledge and comprehension
•  Social and emotional development
•  Readiness
•  Basic reading skills
•  Manuscript writing
•  Basic math skills

Our assessment strategies and tools include:

•  High Scope Developmental Assessment
•  BRIGANCE Developmental Assessment
•  Essential Kindergarten Assessment
•  Age and Stages Developmental Charts
•  Work Samples
•  Observations
•  Anecdotal records

Term reports
Upon registration, children at Inventive Minds Kidz Academy will receive an assessment and evaluation in order to be placed in stage-appropriate learning groups.

Our progress reports are issued each term. Our reports outline each course from level 1 to 4. Parent/ Teacher conferences are also scheduled for each term.

For each progress report your child will be assessed on the following 5 levels:

•  Learning and Social Behaviour
•  Oral Communication
•  Emergent Writing
•  Emergent Reading
•  Mathematics

Level 1- Needs more one-on-one support
•  The child has difficulty understanding the concept and needs constant support in completing new tasks.

Level 2- Needs one-on-one
•  The child understands some of the concepts but needs more practice, and requires direction and support to complete the tasks.

Level 3-Good
•  The child has full understanding of the concept and needs minor support and direction in completing the tasks.

Level 4-Excellent
•  The child completely understands the concept and needs little or no direction to complete new tasks.

We ask that you read and work with your child every day. We will periodically send home a levelled set of workbooks for students. The concepts covered in the workbooks compliment and reinforce the lessons and learning in the classroom. We ask that you sit and work with your child for 10 to 15 minutes and facilitate the completion of these exercises.

You can help your child learn by playing and learning together at home. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Encourage your child to be independent, such as, getting dressed and washing their hands before meals
  • Read to them every day, talk about books and read familiar words to them, for example, read words from cereal boxes and other food labels
  • Help them to match and sort objects
  • Encourage them to count and use numbers in everyday situations.
  • Encourage them to practice their fine motor skills by using crayons, pens, pencils and paint

Remember you are your child's first teacher. By talking to them, playing with them, and introducing simple skills you can help set the scene for their future development!

Daily Progress Reports
At InventiveMinds Kidz Academy it is important for us to keep our families connected to their children daily progress. Families receive a daily report, indicating the child's progress.

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