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  InventiveMinds Kidz Academy exceed all North America’s Child Care Regulation & It is today’s leading edge in education in North America!
Drop-in Class Schedule

A $35 non-refundable enrolment fee is paid with your first enrolment.
A $10.00 monthly fee will be applied to hold on classes
$12.00 per class for members
$20.00 per class for non-member

$14.00 monthly discount for 2nd concurrent
$17.00 monthly sibling discount




Dr. S .H .Jacob   201 GAMES TO BOOST YOUR CHILD COGNITION! (Newborn- 2 Years)


  With over 200 mind-nurturing, engaging, stage-appropriate activities for your baby, this program emphasizes how babies form true understanding, not mere empty verbalisms and rote learning. This class will help your child build:
• meaningful knowledge  • independent thinking
• creative problem solving, and
• a meaningful foundation for understanding math and science.

Parents and their children will focus on what we know about the world through child friendly materials and activities that will promote observation, prediction, and experimentation. As a result this will promote your child’s problem solving, critical and logical thinking skills. Through use of puppets children will travel to different parts of the world and learn about different groups of animals and their habitats.

Children will be involved in exploration using child friendly materials, learning about chemical reactions.





MATHEMATICS! (Birth- 6 Years)

  In our language classes, we incorporate sequencing, auditory discrimination and blending. This means children learn their ABCs in an approached that does not rely solely on memorization. In our class, a child truly learns and knows how to read and write. Children will learn 42 sounds of the English language, rather than the alphabet. Our classes will help your child build essential skills such as a higher attention span and great listening skills.  

During the Mathematics Program your child will learn the fundamentals of mathematics through a multi-sensory approach and Piaget’s cognitive development approach. Each session will focus on patterns, grouping, sorting, quantity, one-on-one correspondence, numbers and their comparing attributes. During these activities we will empower your child’s skills in areas of problem solving, logical and abstract thinking. This in turn will help your child succeed once they enter the Ministry of Ontario school system.







“The Very Hungry Caterpiller”, “The Grouchy Ladybug”, etc.. through his stories children will have the opportunity to further develop their literacy and numeracy skill. Through arts and crafts, children will further develop their literacy and numeracy skill using his literature and art as the theme. This is a concept and logic oriented class through work of art.


  As most sensory and brain development takes place from 0-5 years of age, it is vital to provide your child a rich environment to properly develop the sensory regions of their brain. During Sensory Play your child will actively explore his or her world through unique and fun activities that will promote their sense of touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing.  

Dr. Suess Adventure!  (Birth- 6 Years)
(learning language/Math through crafts with Dr. Suess)


Dr.Titzer & Jolly Reader Program
(Your Baby Can Read)

(Birth- 6 Years)


Dr.Suess in his work he uses the concept of rhyme and absurdity to encourage children to read all by themselves. In this class your child will have an adventure in turning to be Sam in the story as they learn to rhyme and blend words and pictures.

Younger children will explore the world of Dr.Seuss through enjoyable crafts!



In this class we use a multisensory approach to teach your child by feeling objects and textures!
Children will learn using picture words, sightwords, baby sign and phonetic awareness as they further develop and extend their vocabulary skills.

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