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  InventiveMinds Kidz Academy exceed all North America’s Child Care Regulation & It is today’s leading edge in education in North America!




InventiveMinds Kidz Academy is the first private preschool for ages 18 Months- 5 Years of its kind. The Inventive Minds Kidz Academy is based on the theories and related research of the world renowned Swiss child development authority, Jean Piaget. The Academy was founded by Dr. S. H. Jacob, who studied under Piaget, and is a recognized expert on Piaget. The principles of this approach are outlined in Dr. Jacob's book Foundations for Piagetian Education published in 1984.

Our active learning philosophy rests on the fact that the first years are critical to the future development. We realize that young children develop best through exploration and play, with great latitude in choosing what they are interested in, and in an atmosphere of love, caring, and encouragement. As such, we offer the most developmentally appropriate educational program available – an active, participatory, engaging, and fascinating environment for toddlers and preschoolers. We strive to promote an attitude that encourages children to be active --- to explore to discover , manipulate to invent , observe to learn.

At Inventive Minds Kidz Academy your child will participate in activities and lessons in four areas of study. These areas include: Alphabet & Phonics , Math & Science , Language & Literacy and Art & Piano, French & Creative Expression . Our unique approach involves teaching and reinforcing a variety of readiness concepts and skills through interesting theme based units of study. Inventive Minds Kidz Academy offers a solid foundation in all curriculum areas with an emphasis on:

  • Small Groups
  • Math Skills & Science Units
  • Art , Music and Movement & Dramatic Activities
  • Alphabet, Phonics & Sight Word Development
  • French
  • Individualized Lesson Plans

Inventive Minds Academy™ fills a huge void in early childhood development arena which has focused its attention primarily on conventional knowledge (teaching names of animals, shapes, colors, etc.), and a lesser extent to empirical knowledge (teaching simple scientific ideas, such mixing colors, planting a seed, etc.). The Academy places a great deal of emphasis on the third and arguably the one category of human knowledge that our society lags behind : logical/mathematical (manipulating objects which leads to “reflecting” on one's own actions and thoughts). This type of knowledge results in thinking as well as thinking about ones own thinking.

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