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  InventiveMinds Kidz Academy exceed all North America’s Child Care Regulation & It is today’s leading edge in education in North America!




InventiveMinds Kidz Academy, Parents and Toddlers Program is dedicated in providing a fun learning environment, for children and their families.

It is a well-known fact that during the early years, a child forms an enormous number of brain cell connections. Between birth and six years of age, the ability to absorb information is unparalleled, and the desire to do so is stronger than it will ever be again. Research now indicates by the time the child reaches age 6, their IQ is pretty much set.

We've created a truly interactive, developmental program that is based on proven research from Neurologists, Child-Psychologists, Pediatricians and Educators. Our Academic classes are not only based on proven research but also they follow the ministry of Ontario School Standards.

At Inventive Minds Academy Parents and Toddler program we ensure our programs provide the best support and early enrichment education for children and their parents, starting from Birth- 6 Years of age.

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