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. S. H. J
aYour Baby's Mind:
How to Make the Most of the Critical First Two Years

(Third Edition). Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse (2009).

336 pages with images

$15.70 + S&H (Reg. Price $19.99)



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Your Baby's Mind:
How to Make the Most of the Critical First Two Years

This new edition of Your Baby's Mind provides the latest into:

  • what expecting mothers should do in preparing for their baby's arrival
  • how incredibly important the early experiences are
  • how young children's brains grow
  • how their minds develop
  • and what you can do to boost their brain power!

With over 200 mind-nurturing, engaging, stage-appropriate activities for your baby, this program emphasizes how babies form true understanding, not mere empty verbalisms and rote learning.

Help your child build:

  • meaningful knowledge
  • independent thinking
  • creative problem solving, and
  • a meaningful foundation for understanding math and science.

Your Baby's Mind shows what parents can do to help babies develop their full potential. There is no more critical time in human intellectual development!


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