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  Why Dr.S.H. Jacob Method?


The Inventive Minds Academy is based on the theories and related research of the world renowned Swiss child development authority, Jean Piaget. The Inventive Minds Academy concept was conceived and founded by Dr. S.H. Jacob, who studied under Piaget, and is recognized expert on Piaget. The tenets of this approach are outlined in Dr. Jacob's book entitled Foundations for Piagetian Education published in 1984.

Our philosophy rests on the fact that the first years are critical to the future development. We realize that young children develop best through active learning – manipulation, exploration and play, with great latitude in choosing what they are interested in, and in an atmosphere of caring and encouragement. As such, we offer the most developmentally appropriate educational program available – an active, participatory, engaging, and fascinating environment for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. We strive to promote an attitude that encourages children to be active learners --- to explore to discover , manipulate to invent , and observe to learn .

Action is the mother of intelligence. Action is the origin of knowledge .

This is where all knowledge starts. Action related to other actions is how knowledge grows; this how children create more mature ways of knowing . S. H. Jacob, Ph.D.

Dr. S.H. Jacob methods promote an attitude that permits toddlers and young children to be active—to discover through play, invent ways of knowing, and learn the rudiments of their culture, including language, math, art, music, dramatic arts, and dance. Our efforts always respect and conform to the natural, spontaneous ways in which children form knowledge.

Through these principles, we can see that children's knowledge and skill develops in an orderly manner and by means of three main activities. We call this process the C.E.O. Method:

  1. C hildren construct (make) knowledge by Acting on the things they are trying to understand.
  2. They E xpand that knowledge by relating it to what they already know.
  3. They come to O wn knowledge by Using it.

Our Approach Mirrors Discoveries in Neuroscience

Neuroscience has confirmed the importance of the early years as being critical to present and future intellectual development. Brain growth affects a child's abilities to do new things; and doing new things, In turn, newly developed actions changes the structure of a child's brain.

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