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Dr. S. H. Jacob
Founder of the
Inventive Minds Academy

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Saied H. Jacob earned his Ph.D. in human learning and cognition from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. For over 14 years, he served as Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Maryland. In 1978, he was invited to continue his research into cognitive development at the University of Geneva under the direction of the world-renowned child development specialist, Professor Jean Piaget. In 1984 Dr. Jacob moved to Los Angeles where, between 1996 and 1998, he served as Lecturer at the Graduate School of Education at UCLA. Since that time Dr. Jacob has been engaged in teaching and running his own consulting firm. Dr. Jacob serves on the Board of Advisors of kidthing, inc.
Dr. S. H. Jacob has published the following books on the subject of intellectual development: Foundations for Piagetian Education. Lanham, MD: University Press of America (1984); Your Baby’s Mind: How to Make the Most of the Critical First Two Years. Holbrook, MA: Adams Media (1991; 1992) and Your Baby’s Mind: How to Make the Most of the Critical First Two Years. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse (2009). Since its initial publication in 1991, Your Baby’s Mind has been published in Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean.
Most recently, S. H. Jacob has published a new, revised edition of Your Baby’s Mind (AuthorHouse, 2009) as well as a series of booklets on the same subject entitled Your Inventive Baby: A Parents Guide to Intellectual Development in the First Two Years (InventiveMinds, 2008).
He has consulted widely for school systems as well as major companies and has appeared on radio and television programs throughout the country, including CBS, CNN, and NPR.

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