About Rose Instructors Courses

BA Child Development, Parenting Practitioner, Family Mediator and Child Voice Practitioner Rose Morsh is the founder of InventiveMinds Child, Youth and Family Support Centre a not-for-profit organization, which is licensed under the Ministry of Education and OAFM (In process).

Inventiveminds provides Family Law Mediation Services, Private InspiredMontessori School, Early Years Childcare (Montessori), Parent and Youth Support therapy, community services for new moms. Parenting courses related to children Aid Services and Mediation, Separation, and Divorce.

Rose also works closely with litigation and Family law firms to help parents through conflict resolutions. More extensively helping parents with family law mediation matters. A parenting plan, asset separation, child support, spousal support, parenting courses related to meditation matters.

Rose has a holistic approach as a family law mediator and parent practitioner to ensure she is meeting the children and families best interest.
Rose supports families to co-parent and come up with the best conflict resolution with a clear memorandum of understanding during separation, divorce. Her empathic nature helps all parties to resolve their conflicts in a democratic way.

Rose continues her skills as an educator and parent practitioner by extending her care to families as they navigate parenthood from expectancy to the adolescence and teenage years. She has worked with thousands of families over her 20-year career as a Positive Parenting Program practitioner and an early childhood educator. She combines her experience, her educational background in psychology, and her own personal challenges as a parent to help families overcome obstacles to thrive.