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Authoritative Parenting Course

Positive Parenting Courses encompass the perspectives of both the parents and children. This course empowers parents with the tools to support children as they grow into the citizens of tomorrow. The course provides insight and tools to become a more effective parent, such as: 

3 Week Group Course Outline: 

  • Create a stable, supportive, happy family environment
  • Teach their children the skills they need to get along with others
  • Deal positively, consistently, and decisively with problem behaviour
  • Encourage positive behaviour
  • Develop realistic expectations of their children and themselves
  • Take care of themselves as parents

Course Features: 

  • Included 2 one-on-one private counseling sessions with an International Parent Practitioner
  • Receive Therapy Support

Expecting Parents & First Year Parenting Courses

Effective Parenting Courses

Baby Hours Course - Start your Parenting Journey with a Strong Foundation

Beginner Postnatal Workout Routine for Busy Moms

Breastfeeding: Steps To Getting A Good Latch

Breastfeeding: How To Maximize Your Milk Production and Tell If Your Baby Is Getting Enough Milk

Baby Sign Language Parenting Workshop

Creating Secure Attachments In Our Children

Creating An Emotionally Attuned Relationship With Your Infant Or Toddler

Balancing Home / Work and being a new parent

Breaking The Good Mom Myth - Discovering Some Of Our Mistaken Ideas About Parenting


Fighting Among Siblings

Effective Parenting Courses  

Learning to work together as parents and to be on the same page


Creating Autonomy & Boundaries Between Siblings And Staying Emotionally Attuned As A Parent

10 Tricks To Ease The Transition Of Toddler From Crib To Bed

Picky Eaters & Independent Eating Workshop

Bedtime Problems Parenting Workshop

Autism 101 Parenting Workshop


Dealing with Tantrum & Whining Parenting Workshop

How to Emotionally Connect & Re-Parent With Your Preschooler

Back to School - Helping Childrens And Parents Cope with Emotions

Honey, I Wrecked The Kids - Understanding Why Children Misbehave


Early Adolescent & Teen Parenting Courses

Effective Parenting Courses

Beyond Raging Hormones: How to Balance Mood Swings and Puberty for Adolescence

How to Deal with Disrespect and Rudeness from Teens & Adolescence


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How to help our child emotions during Seperation:

Helping Children Cope With Trauma of Separation and Divorce

How Separation and Divorce Impacts Your Children & Parenting Style 

How to Help Teens and Youth Deal With Divorce & Separation

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