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Little About Me..

I grew up on a farm outside of Muenster, SK Canada. At the age of 5 I decided I wanted to be a writer and 31 years later made my dream come true with the launch of my first book, I Want a Dragon. Two years following a second book in the children's genre, Zero the Super Hero was released with glowing reviews.

Always dreaming bigger, I decided to never set limitations on my creativity and started my journey into the historical fiction world. After 3 years of research, writing and encouragement, Of Lions and Lambs was born, published and accepted with 5-star reviews. 

Now, I'm a 2X bestselling co-author of  the books Still Beautiful and Blu Talks - Business, Life and the Universe, Vol 2.   

I have faced a lot of challenges and got  tired of reliving the same life over and over again in a cycle of repeating the same mistakes and not totally  getting it. Finally, I said, “Enough already! There has to be a  reason why the same things keep happening over and over again!” I found  that reason, and I want to help as many people as I can find that reason  as well!

I totally get it! I’m no spring chick and I’ve dealt with a few  struggles in my lifetime. I was bullied as a kid, battled with self-love  issues, wanted to runaway or harm myself, was a teenage single mom at  17, owned multiple businesses, lost a few, dealt with personal  bankruptcy, lost a home due to foreclosure, rebuilt my life multiple  times and brushed myself off and kept on going. 

Do you know why? Because  I knew there was so much more waiting for me and that those ‘things’  were really just experiences. They have never defined who I was and  won’t define me now. I stepped up, cleaned up and went for it! And, I  can help you go for it as well.

Believe me, I’ve lived in the  desperation of struggle and get it! I’ve also lived in the glory of a  very happy and fulfilling life and I love it! I’m not special, I’ve just  learned the lessons I needed and gathered a whole lot of bruises along  the way. 

Luckily, I have the gifts of my winding road of the past and the  experience of a Mindset Coach to help your path be less bumpy. I’ve  taken the journey of self exploration and found my life purpose and I  want to help you do the same.

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