Vendor: Heart Words Press

My Milk Will Go, Our Love Will Grow: A Book for Weaning

What could toddlers be thinking and feeling as they wean from breastfeeding? Depending on age and development, some might not be able to express what they think and feel with words.

In My Milk Will Go, Our Love Will Grow, we hear a toddler's questions and feelings during an honest conversation between mother and child. This heartwarming book uses rhyme, short sentences, and beautiful illustrations to convey a message of love and reassurance as the child learns that mother will still nurture and meet both physical and emotional needs when breastfeeding ends.

This book will be a special keepsake for both mothers and children, showing the beauty of the nursing relationship. Weaning can be difficult with or without a children's book about weaning. However, the stress of weaning can be lessened when mothers have a resource to help toddlers acknowledge and understand this significant transition. This book was written to help mothers talk to toddlers about weaning.

It can be helpful during the weaning process, and it can help newly weaned toddlers and toddlers with a new nursing sibling. All mothers who have breastfed a baby may want to have this book to represent the beautiful nurturing they offered their children. My Milk Will Go, Our Love Will Grow was written in rhyme, making it a unique weaning book. It can be used as a helpful tool to assist toddlers, and, as a special keepsake for mothers and their children. It has 38 pages, each with illustrations by Sheila Fein. Toddlers will be drawn to the colorful, realistic illustrations of mother and child. The book also includes a page of tips to help parents use the book in a variety of ways to support toddlers.

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