About Kristin Instructors Courses

Kristin Buchtel is an award-winning author, lives in Denver, Colorado. She is a mother of 4, and a grandma! Her parenting career has included many colorful years of being a mom, teacher, volunteer, parental note-taker. 

Her parental note-taking began on a road trip when her kids were young, as she shared her worries over the approaching teen years with her husband, these were dating, driving, technology, curfews. 

As her husband drove, she wrote their ideas and plans in a notebook. It wasn't pretty, it was barely legible, but it was the start of their most valuable parenting tool, their parenting roadmap. They used it, they added to it, they tweaked it and shared it with others. Kristin has written a book to help other parents get on the same page and begin their own noteworthy parenting roadmaps!